Terms of Use
Please read my terms of use for both personal and commercial projects.

Personal Use

Use of any “Personal Use” product created by Word Art World, including, but not limited to word art packs, page kits, collections, freebies, or printable art is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, unless otherwise indicated.

Some of my digital products are designed for COMMERCIAL USE and are designated as such on the packaging and within the product terms themselves. Please view the Commercial Use Terms below for further information.

You MAY alter any alpha or word art with respect to color, size or style, by adding to or removing from each image; BUT you MAY NOT claim altered images as your own. The rights of each image or design created and sold by Word Art World belongs to Jennifer Arbon, the designer.

You MAY NOT make any alterations to these graphics in any way that will take away the artistic integrity of the original creation.

You MAY NOT share these graphics, .zip files, or folders (together or separately) with anyone else. Please direct them to my store for purchase or for download.

You MAY NOT use any of my products for sale or to create and/or distribute freebies, original or altered, or any portion thereof for commercial gain whatsoever, with written permission from myself, unless otherwise indicated in the packaging or product preview.


Limited Commercial Use

Use of a digital product that is marked as “Personal Use/Commercial Use” is for personal and/or limited commercial use.

YOU MAY use the designs found in this set for any personal or any limited commercial project, provided you offer the design as a flattened image and one where individual elements cannot be extracted or used for reselling.

YOU MAY use these designs in digital scrapbooking kits that you create for sale that are for personal use only.

YOU MAY add color or use a portion or all of the design for personal use and/or for limited commercial-use purposes.

YOU MAY use these designs on physical products for sale, such as greeting cards, mugs, invitations, photograph overlays, t-shirts, and scrapbooking supplies. No credit is required, but is appreciated.

YOU MAY use any of these designs in a number of commercial-use projects as long as you create no more than 500 physical products; if you would like to create and sell more than 500 physical products using any of these designs, please contact Jennifer for extended licensing options.

YOU MAY NOT use any of these designs or any portion of these designs as freebies or giveaways.

YOU MAY NOT resell or distribute these graphics to any other person or entity. Please direct them to www.wordartworld.com for purchase.

The rights of each individual digital design included in this pack and sold by Word Art World belong to Jennifer P. Arbon, the designer.



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