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Believe in Yourself
Be Optimistic
Start Each Day with a Grateful

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A Call of the Wild
A day in the park
A Fresh Start
A Need for Speed
Adventure Awaits
Adventure Time
An Adventure Is When You Don’t Know What’s Going to Happen!
An Aerial Adventure
An Oasis In The Desert
Another strange sight!
Born to be wild!
Cactus Cuties!
Children are Born Explorers
Country cousins!
Daytime Adventures
Double Trouble
Everybody Thought We Were Crazy
Fun in the sun
Go. See. Do.
Growing Up is Getting Old
Having a Ball (playing with a ball)
Hello Adventure
High Anxiety
It’s a jungle out there
Let the adventure begin…
Life is a highway
Life is an adventure
Live In The Light
Live your adventure
Looking for Adventure!
Make Your Own Path…
Making Life an Adventure
Million Dollar Moments
Never a Dull Moment
Oh, the places you will go ( Dr. Seuss)
Outta This World
Up to no Good
Up, Up and Away
Welcome The Journey
Where your sense of adventure?



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A dream come true
A dream is a wish your heart makes
All I have to do is dream
Always Dream in Vivid Color
Beautiful Dreamer
Believe In Your Dreams
Cherish yesterday… Dream tomorrow… Live TODAY.
Count the stars
Dare to Dream
Day Dreaming
Dream Big
Dream On…
Dream until your dreams come true
Off to Dream Land with Daddy…
While you were sleeping, I wished upon a star for you.

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A picture paints a thousand words

A piece of cake

Apple of my eye

Backseat Driver

Back to square one

Ball and Chain

Beat around the bush

Bent out of shape

Bite off more than you can chew

Blind leading the blind

Blow a gasket

Break a leg

Brownie Points

Burning the midnight oil

By the skin of your teeth


Caught red-handed

Chip on his shoulder

Close but no cigar

Couch potato

Cut to the chase

Cute as a bug’s ear

Dead ringer

Devil’s advocate

Diamond in the rough

Dirt poor

Dog days (of summer)

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Double whammy

Down in the dumps

Dropping like flies

End of story

Excuse my French

Face the music

Finger-licking’ good

Flesh and blood

Fly on the wall

Funny farm

Get a kick out of something

Getting on one’s nerves

Get up on the wrong side of the bed

Getting down to brass tacks

Go out on a limb

Go the extra mile

Go with the flow

Got my mojo working

Graveyard shift

Having a field day

Hitting the hay

Hit the nail on the head

Hold your horses

Horse play

In over one’s head

In your face

It came like a bolt from the blue

Jumping to conclusions

Jumping the gun

Keeping a secret

Keep your chin up

Knock on wood

Know something backwards and forwards

Know something inside and out

Last but not least

Level the playing field

Loose cannon

Mad as a hatter

Make a mountain out of a molehill

Make no bones about it

Mum’s the word

Nest egg

Not playing with a full deck

Off the cuff

Off the record

On a wing and a prayer

On the ball

On the dot

On the fritz

One for the road

Over the top

Passing the buck

Pedal to the metal

Pie in the sky

Playing by ear

Pulling out all the stops

Pull the plug

Pull the wool over his eyes

Push the envelope

Put a sock in it

Putting on my thinking cap

Put your best foot forward

Raining cats and dogs

Read someone’s mind

Rise and shine

Rule of thumb

Saved by the bell

Shake a leg

Shot in the dark

Sleep tight (don’t let the bed bugs bite)

Sour grapes

Spitting image

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Strike a deal

The whole nine yards

Third time’s the charm

Tie the knot

‘Til the cows come home

To be all ears

To make a long story short

To take a rain check

Tongue in cheek

Turn a blind eye

Under the weather

Wear out someone’s welcome

Wet behind the ears

Who let the cat out of the bag?

Whole nine yards

With bells on

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Writing on the wall

X marks the spot

You are what you eat

You can’t take it with you

Your name is mud


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