Joy & Happiness


Be happy

Delight in everything

Don’t worry, be happy!

Good morning sunshine

Happiness is being near you

Happiness is…

Hooked on a feeling

Indulge yourself once in a while

Live well, laugh often, love much

Living my happily ever after

May all your days be filled with joy

My wish for you

Simple pleasures are priceless treasures

These are a few of my favorite things…

You are my sunshine








Grins and giggles

Joyful noise

Laugh until your heart overflows

Laughter is an instant vacation

Laughter is the best medicine

Live, laugh, love

Live like its your last day, laugh like no one is listening, love like you have never loved before

Live well, laugh often, love much

Start every day with laughter

You keep me in stitches

Your laugh makes my heart smile




All teeth

I love your smile

Just smile

Look at that smile!

Miles of smiles

Smile like no other

Toothless wonder

What a smile!

You make me smile

Your smile lights my world





Breaking up is hard to do

In pieces

Until we meet again