Social Media
A well-designed social media campaign can boost sales and draw in new customers.

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Advertising on the many social media channels available, including Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, can be a great way to promote a company’s products.

Dam Workshop Logo on Yellow Wood
Building Character

Catchy phrases and realistic photos can draw a potential customer in.

Dam Workshop Pinterest
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Creating a well-designed image using eye-catching photography and interesting typography can make all of the difference in a social media ad.

Dam Workshop Nails
DAM Workshop Instagram

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube.

The client wanted to use a light, golden yellow with black, white, and gray. He also wanted to use a tool in his logo, so I incorporated a table saw blade into the design, using the letters from the company’s name. Using the yellow as an accent color, I then made a variety of graphics and images that could easily be used on several of the popular social media channels available.

Stains and Finishes
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This campaign……

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