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Paula Scher Poster Mockup

Event Poster Design

Paula Scher is a world-renowned graphic designer known for her work with typography. I have always admired her designs over the years, so when I was tasked with creating a series of event posters for a school project, I jumped at the chance to play with her style, her bold use of colors, and her love of typography! I have a favorite design out of the three. Which is your favorite design?


Printable Cards

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have had many opportunities to use my creative talents as I have worked with the youth in our church over the years. One year, I was asked to create some printable cards that would be used in a Young Women activity that is held every year.

Young Women Value Cards Preview
Sticker Mountain Mover Mockup


Merchandise Stickers

Stickers can be so much fun to use and even more fun to design! I was asked to design some merchandise stickers that could be used on a client’s product packaging. The website, In Her Elements, features a fun collection of jewelry, t-shirts, and home items for the outdoor enthusiast. Check out all of the different designs I created for her merchandise packaging. I had a lot of fun!


Anti-Bullying Campaign Posters

This anti-bullying campaign was targeted towards school-aged children, so I decided to design with the younger generation in mind. Using Adobe Illustrator, I made a series of vector-based posters that ….
Don't Blow It 2
Don't blow it Rocket
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